Spring 2019

“Asymmetrical Exchanges:  The Circulation of Poetry in the Antebellum US.”  Transatlantic Literary Authority:  Material Networks, Symbolic Economies, Heidelberg Center for American Studies, Heidelberg, DE, July 2019.

“From Lists to Links:  Digitizing Descriptive Bibliography to Create New Literary Histories of Black Print,” with Jacqueline Goldsby.  Keynote talk for Black Bibliographia:  Print/ Culture/ Art.  Center for Material Culture Studies, University of Delaware, Newark DE April, 2019.

“Transatlantic Address:  Washington Allston and the Limits of Romanticism.”  Romanticism in a New Key, Boston University, Boston MA, April 2019.

“The Long Foreground:  Whitman and the Newspaper Poetry of the 1840s.”  Whitman at 200: LookingBack, Looking Forward.  University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia PA, March 2019

Fall 2018

“Beyond the Anthology:  Poetry and Popular Print in the Antebellum US.”  Harvard Seminar in the History of the Book. Cambridge MA, November 2018.

Spring 2018

“Print Formats and Poetic Genres:  Rethinking Antebellum American Poetry.”  Yale Program in the History of the Book.  New Haven CT, February 2018. 

“The Materiality of the Poem and the History of the Book.” Seminar in the History of Material Texts.  University of Pennsylvania.  Philadelphia, PA, February 2018.

Fall 2017

“Print Formats and Poetic Genres:  Rethinking Antebellum American Poetry.”  Print Culture Working Group, New York University, New York NY, December 2017.

Spring 2017

“Form, Format, Genre, Medium:  Poetry and Print in the Nineteenth-Century U.S.”  Keynote talk for Rare Book School. University of Virginia, Charlottesville VA, July 2017.

“Harper’s and the Place of Poetry in Nineteenth-Century American Publishing,” Columbia University Bibliography Week Lecture, Tuesday, Jan. 24, Butler Library, Room 523, 6:00 pm.