Selected Essays from the English Institute, born-digital series (2010-13)

The English Institute recently concluded a three-volume experiment in publishing selected essays from their annual conference in born-digital format.  The first volume of the series,  On Periodization, is edited by Virginia Jackson, and includes essays by Marshall Brown, Caroline Levine, Gerald Graff, Helena Michie, Lisa Gitelman, and Katie Trumpener.

The second volume, The Work of Genre, is edited by Robyn Warhol and includes essays by Jonathan Culler, Craig Dworkin, Wai Chee Dimock, Martin Puchner, Deidre Lynch, Joseph Slaughter, and Alex Woloch.

Work of Genre cover

I edited the final volume of the born-digital series, Taking Liberties with the Author; it includes essays by Rita Copeland, Ian Duncan, Adela Pinch, Jean E. Howard, and Jerome Christensen.


You can read about the born-digital series, and the retrospectively digitized backlist, here.  You can check to see if your library subscribes to the ACLS Humanities e-book series here;  you can also purchase an individual subscription to the entire e-book archive through the MLA for $35 per year.

From 2013 forward, the English Institute will publish its annual Selected Essays as a special issue of the journal ELH (English Literary History).  See Volume 80:2 (2013) for the first of these special issues,